2 years later…

“When did I sign up for these e-mails?” OH don’t worry, my memory doesn’t span back 2 years either, which is the last time I posted anything on this blog. Fast forward through getting married in February of this year, moving out of the one windowed dungeon, and buying a bangin’ house from the 1940’s, and we’re ready to pick back up!
Call it mass accountability, but I need motivation to stay a) realistic b) sane while trying to become a wife and homemaker at 22 years old. Dave Ramsey, a wise financial adviser and radio personality, speaks on how married couples spend the first years of their marriage attempting to live like their parents live. The problem is, it took their parents 30 years to get there! Gut-check…we’ve been guilty. And what did I get trying to establish the perfect home and life within a few months? “Stress” would be the popular word for “not having fun.” I made every decision with the seriousness of cancer, and it was eating me alive. The imagined opinions of others kept me from enjoying the rooms I decorated, the outfits I usually felt pretty in, even the way I sang at church. Have you ever felt like that? Where, for no reason at all, you look around and are suddenly overwhelmed that maybe you would be somewhere more important had you made different decisions along the way? That others look at you and laugh at failure, or worse, think nothing at all?

I’d like to be done with that, and I’m starting with this blog. I gave it up 2 years ago after only a few posts because, despite positive feedback, I was crushed under the idea that I wasn’t interesting or that what I wanted to do served zero holy purpose. Which is duuuuumb.

All of this being said, I am opening myself up to gratitude, enjoyment, and grace. Marriage, home, and otherwise. So let me re-introduce myself. My name is Briana Strickland. I’m 22 years old, married to a 6’4″ half-Mexican half-redneck, I cook less than I’d like, and I’m a secretary at a laser hair removal center. So no, I don’t work in design like I used to, but at least I don’t have to shave my legs.

One Happy Thing


When I go to help friends with decorating, the

master bedroom

is usually low on the priority list. Which sucks! That’s where you read, sleep, dream, and get it on. Make it pretty. Your guests can deal with a less-than-perfect living room the few times they visit. You use that room every day!

Right now, my happy place is our bed.  Keep in mind that the right nightstand has yet to be painted…so you are getting the pretty side. We use

PeachSkin sheets

that Madison’s sister-in-law gifted us for our wedding, and they are AWESOME!



Ikea Tarva (I just purchased them a month or so ago, but seem to be gone)

brass claw knobs

Hobby Lobby

 (LOVE these!)

duvet cover


Ofelia Vass



Squat Artisan Jug Lamp Base


Craigslist $30

tree picture

Ikea (million years ago) and painted frame

lumbar pillow


rug –


Jubilee Braided Rug

 in blue

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