home “moments” and gratefulness

Ann Voskamp’s“One Thousand Gifts” is a book completely unrelated to creating a home, but helped my perspective on it nonetheless. She shares the concept of being grateful, which is nothing new, but its presentation is remarkable. I saw the beauty God laid before me each day like never before, and all it took was a little attention and thankfulness. When I apply those two practices to my home, I find I love it more and care less what others think of it. 

One thing Ann mentioned that stuck with me is how photos help her capture the things she loves, reminding her to be grateful. I call them home “moments”.

home "moments" and gratefulness

claw/glass nightstand


, aka the Narnia knobs


my favorite glass lamp

home "moments" and gratefulness

tea towel bathroom curtains that filter morning light perfectly

home "moments" and gratefulness

 our textured white

duvet cover

Ahhh. Just looking at these moments makes me want to head home. Each day I’m learning to be content with what I have now, and enjoy any additions or improvements from there. Though I have a million “moments” in my home that I want to improve, I’ll never be content until I take real time and prayer to thank God for each little thing that I do love. Doing that each day gets me closer to patience, simplicity, and caring less what others think, which means I don’t go into debt and stress-mode trying to get what I don’t have. I’ll take a happy life over a picture-perfect one any day.

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