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This past weekend I visited my mom in Greenville for some much needed girl time, which resulted in us painting her living room…which we did not plan. Patience is definitely a fight for us! Though her living room isn’t quite where we want it yet, her master bedroom is looking gooood, so I took some photos to show you! For a while she talked about updating her room, but wasn’t sure where to start or what would make the most difference. A few months ago I came down and we did a one-day refresh by getting rid of a few items and going on a mini shopping spree for some low cost, high impact items. She doesn’t have lots of clutter or horrible pieces to work with, so getting started was fun, people. Our only stipulation was we didn’t feel like changing the paint color that day. She hates the khaki/brown combo, but we are saving that change for another day.


Cool bed, but her lamps were a little small and she was sick of them.

Dresser with a mish-mash of stuff she has had forever, some of it sentimental, some of it not so much.

Dark, squatty, soul-sucking curtains begging to be burned.

As you can see there wasn’t lingering clutter, space issues, or tons of ugly stuff to work with. My mom is the Q U E E N of making a home


like home, but she never focused much on her bedroom, so it was time to show it some love! After a few hours of shopping (and stopping for snack breaks) her room had an entirely different feel to it.


Praise! No more dark, squatty curtains feeding on her soul!

We updated the knobs,then used items she already had for the top of the dresser.

Isn’t that bed freaking awesome?! She got that for a steal years back when she was looking for houses and fell in love with the furniture instead! They happened to be moving out of the country and were more than happy to sell it to her along with a desk and sofa! Never hurts to ask.

She already had the blue sheets and paisley blanket at the end, and we didn’t feel the need to part with either. Why do people feel like they have to throw away everything as soon as it isn’t super trendy? Stop it. A well-collected home is the goal, not a catalog.

Anyway, I love the color they bring since her duvet is white. The bird pillows were in the guest room, but she wasn’t sure if they went with her blanket, which they totally do! She also told me she was scared of looking like a crazy bird lady since she has a TON of bird feeders in her back yard and knows the names of the birds. It’s okay, mom. Embrace it.

Spiky Thing: Homegoods

Lamps & shades: Lowe’s (I can’t find them online but I saw them in store the other day!)

Nighstand Knobs:

World Market

 (We replaced the clunky wooden ones that came with it)

Macrame Pillow: HomeGoods

Euro Pillows: HomeGoods

The rest of the bedding she already had!

For the tall dresser, we grabbed simple oil-rubbed

bronze knobs from Lowe’s

and replaced the bulky wooden ones that came with it. The top has items she already had in other rooms of the house, most of it from Goodwill or a thrift store! Instead of the mish-mash that was up there, we made a focal point with the bird print and placed some similar-toned items and dried eucalyptus to the left and right. We have yet to remove the scrolly things at the bottom of the dresser and night stands. Darn. But hooray for progress!

knob source

All of these items were already in her house, they just needed to meet and be friends!

AND THE BEST PART OF ALL OF THIS?! Ridding her room of those evil, EVIL brown curtains that were keeping this room from ever experiencing happiness. They existed purely to keep the sun from bringing in its magic, those devils. We lucked out and found SIX of the same panels at TJMaxx that were 96″! We hung them high and it makes SUCH a difference. They are such a pretty sheer fabric, and are easy to operate because of the grommets. Goodbye, curtain demons. You may go back to hell now.

Would you just look at the pretty view her room has?

Overall, we made a great room refresh with a low budget and short amount of time. Shopping with her for this room made for a ton of joy, and the magic of this room is that she loves it. She called me a few days later and said, “I am so excited to make my bed each morning now!” Rooms have to be functional and enjoyable, and this room hits the mark. I didn’t take her stack of books out of the pictures because that is what it always looks like. You know, she actually lives here.

Isn’t that what we should all strive for? To be less obsessed with perfection and more in-tune with reality? Instagram and Pinterest are great tools, really. They give us ideas and connect us (some might say) to people and ideas we wouldn’t normally have access to. But as a homemaker I can’t pit my home against others in a competition. That’s silliness! All of us are incredibly unique, and our homes are ALLOWED to reflect that. You owe it to yourself to permiss dog beds, kids’ toys, and laptop chargers to exist. Have you ever been in a person’s house where everything is just-so and you feel a little like you will leave and any trace of you will be mopped away in an instant? That’s rad if you like that, but if you are trying to be perfect for others’ sake, DON’T! If you have somebody that comes over and cares that much, they need to go bye-bye, amiright?

I hope this post inspires you to decorate and update as you please. Be a homemaker, not a homecopier. Let’s be in tune with what our families and roommates need, then create a home that allows them to flourish.

I love you guys! Thanks for letting me blog about home even though I am early on in discovering what it’s all about!


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  1. Mark Dukes

    July 6th, 2016 at 4:25 am

    Looks phenomenal!! I may need you to help me with my house!!

  2. bdiscovershome

    July 6th, 2016 at 1:16 pm

    I would LOVE to Mark! You know how to reach me, please do!

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