The endless color options, the airiness or moodiness it can bring to a room, the worn-out spots that tell a story of the life lived on them – yes, I love painted hardwoods.

gray floors


Don’t the pale gray floors make those wood accents seem more polished-rustic than “cabin in the woods”?

dark floors


Maybe herringbone is the secret to the beauty of this, but the black looks so dramatic in the picture. I love it.

white floores


Painted white floors mixed with green, my favorite color? 

I have a few trains of thought.

They will get dirty. If they are light colored you will see any and all dirt, if they are darker you will see dust and lint.

But then…do I really care? Maybe that’s part of the charm of a real home. Seeing billows of cat hair fluff across the floor [sarcasm] (these are the cats I imagine having one day).

Though, my house isn’t a cabin. It’s old, but not old enough where painting the floors is considered an upgrade. I can imagine future prospective buyers scoffing at our mad decision to paint the perfectly fine floors on a whim.

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