This bathroom is tiny, the grout needs cleaning, some of the tiles are a little cracked, and the wallpaper is freaking uglyyyy but as a whole I love it. She has potential. She hopes and dreams to be a prettier, more functional bathroom one day, but for now she is just the girl who needs to take her glasses off and let her ponytail down.


Originally this bathroom had a mint sink and toilet with a wooden lid, but neither functioned very well. The toilet color didn’t quite match, and the sink looked awesome but leaked like crazy. Madison replaced both with what you see now as soon as he moved in.

Thankfully he picked out a toilet and sink that were a little old-school looking but still affordable, so they both are rectangular with no rounded edges. He also picked out the faucet by himself, and it looks great. I’m telling you I married the best person there is.

The medicine cabinet mirror is shallow and plain and it doesn’t bother me very much, so it will stay unless I find a mirror I love instead.

Remember when I told you I’m trying to be grateful for “home moments”? One of them is at this window. There are some gorgeous trees right outside, one of which has these huge pink blossoms right now! It lights up the super dark, wood paneled hallway that leads to the bathroom (to be painted). I told Madison when we were dating that I wanted a house where I could look out to something pretty when I brushed my teeth. This is perfect.

The aforementioned dark hallway. Music studio on left, bathroom in front with blinding heavenly light, master bedroom on right.

Plus my neighbors have a water feature under their pergola and when the weather is nice, I can open the window and enjoy it while I’m putting on my makeup.

But allow me to present to you the best part of this bathroom. The ugtastic, dirty, peeling wallpaper. YUM, you guys!! The baby blue flowers creeping their way up the mauve trellis, on a not-quite-white background? Unadulterated beauty. The fear when I think of how difficult removing this wallpaper might be? So excited to dive into that.

Did I mention there is no real outlet in this bathroom? Just this little baby plug in the light fixture. So when I turn the light off, anything I have plugged in is turned off. *sigh* Pretty sure that breaks some code somewhere.

Below the medicine cabinet and do-it-all light fixture, we have the original dixie cup holder and ceramic soap/toothbrush thingies. So retro, yet so pointless. My fat electric toothbrush will not fit, and does anybody use a bar of soap for their hands anymore? Oh well. Do I see a reason to spend time and money to remodel this entire bathroom because of a teensy toothbrush holder and because the mint tile might not be “in” right this moment? No. Maybe one day, but not right now.

The tub is also mint colored, but it’s perfectly clean and fine so it stays as well.

I added the white shower curtain to make the space feel clean. But once I remove the wallpaper and paint the walls white, I’m scared it might start to look like an insane asylum off of a horror film. SO I might replace the chrome curtain rings with leather ties. It’s an easy DIY that makes it a little less sterile-looking.

Eventually the half-plastic-blinds & half-cafe-curtain combo will go in favor of a simple roman shade. But I am waiting to do that until I paint and get a new feel for the room, just in case I change my mind.

The lighting situation in here sucks, but that’s a good bit more work than just painting.We will see what time holds, but I know that switching out lighting or adding more can make it less hospital-y as well.

Lastly, I will leave you with my storage situation. I’m a big believer in making every space functional, as well as enjoyable to look at. This space can definitely be utilized better, and it can be pretty too! With a few thoughtful baskets and storage pieces, I can see this being a really gorgeous closet. Plus Madison had the genius idea to add an outlet in the closet so I can hide my toothbrush charger in the closet. Don’t believe in making the everyday spaces into something to love? Just because another person doesn’t see it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it! Just give it a try.

It used to be all unpainted drywall and wood and it honestly creeped me out, so I painted it all white, trimmed the shelves with black paint, and painted the hardwood floor black as well. HEY, it turns out that there IS painted flooring in my house! I forgot about that.

Overall, I’m envisioning these next steps:

  1. Remove wallpaper/paint walls white
  2. Paint door black
  3. Give the grout a GOOD cleaning. It needs to be white again! I tried to do a little bit this past weekend, but it was too hot outside to open the window and the chemicals smelled like blegh.
  4. Evaluate again and see if it needs to be warmed up a bit to avoid looking like a medical facility
  5. Roman shade
  6. Bath rug
  7. Adding artwork above the toilet
  8. Organization for closet. Finding the right pieces for this will take some time.
  9. Lastly, updating the lighting situation. Simply because it’s the more difficult thing to do since I might want to have side sconces instead of an overhead light.

There’s a good bit to go, but I am honestly excited to keep the original tile and make it a little unique. It’s so much more fun than doing a total remodel! Plus, it’s way cheaper. Whatchya think?

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  1. Sarah Chastain

    July 18th, 2016 at 8:23 pm

    u r cool will u decorate my houz pls

  2. bdiscovershome

    July 18th, 2016 at 8:57 pm

    Only if you have 4 million dollars I’m very big on designer EVERYTHING

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