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If you read my last post, you saw my mint bathroom in all of its dysfunctional glory. Today I wanted to show you a few bathrooms I have been using as inspiration in case you were confused as to why I wanted to keep anything in that bathroom as-is. It’s okay. Your eyes were not previously opened to the glory that is to follow.

retro inspo

Pink Bathroom 2

Pink Bathroom 1


BLESS! LOOK AT IT! I am in LOVE with that wallpaper. And what’s that I see? Little black pom-pom trim at the top of the shower curtain? EEK! It’s so perfect! If I walked into that bathroom at a friend’s home today, surely I would pee right then and there from excitement.

I love the simple frames and black-and-white theme she’s got going on so as not to distract too much from the wallpaper. Really, check out her whole house. It’s such an interesting mix of what she loves, and serves to show that a mix of new & old makes things unique and welcoming.

My takeaways are to accessorize my bathroom with art, and think about adding trim to my shower curtain for a fun lil sumthin sumthin.

vintage inspo

Mint Bathroom 1

Mint Bathroom 2


This photo is what originally encouraged me to keep the mint tile. That, and my dad being like “IT’S PERFECTLY GOOD JUST KEEP IT, BRIANA.” I loved the bathroom and saw potential whenever Madison and I toured the house, but I felt like as a decorator I should want it to be new or completely different. Again, I’m still learning that WE live in this house, and if we see potential or magic in something, then what’s the point in changing it all up?! Design trends are just started by people. They aren’t fact, and they aren’t forever.

I love what this couple has done. It’s so simple and it’s easily changeable with a few new pieces of art. They steered clear of my insane-asylum-bathroom fear by using warmer tones in their art and adding the tasseled hand towels. The towels are probably turkish or something cool but whatever I don’t even know where Turkey is. I do know where HomeGoods is though.

My takeaways are to possibly use some vintage pieces for art to warm up the space, think outside the box for hand towels, and PAINT MY DOOR A GLOSSY BLACK! Just look how cool their glossy door looks. Lil’ Mama would be like “my door gloss is cool, my door gloss is poppin.”


See my vision now? See why I think it is totally not worth it to rip everything out? I will say, the floor tile is not my favorite, but for some reason that seems to be the thing visitors actually like.

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