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Madison hung the mantle mirror AND he hung the curtains! 
When we painted the living/dining room I told you I wanted to leave the windows in their birthday suits until I decided what I wanted to hang up. Well, after a couple of naked-window weeks, putting up the same curtains seemed like the best (and cheapest) option. Plus, they aren’t permanent. As in, when I wake up one morning and decide to change everything, I’ll just take them down. 

Ah. Still waiting to find the perfect dining chairs to replace these. PATIENCE, BRIANA.

We hung the curtains right up under the picture molding and a good bit past the sides of the window to make it look more spacious. Plus, it keeps the curtains from blocking-much needed light when not in use. For some reason when we hung them up the first time, they were lower and made the curtains pool. Why did I do that? I dunno. 

Our curtains are from IKEA because they are CHEAP, good looking, and 98″! I bought these years ago when Sarah and I moved into our first place together. There are 4 panels in the dining room and 2 in the living room. I would like to add 2 more to the living room, but for now I’m working with what I’ve already got. 

Our curtain rods are from Target from a while ago. I’ll probably end up switching out the finials on those. 

Now let’s look below at something I just couldn’t take anymore. Blinds.

Yes, they are great for privacy, but even when they are pulled up they block light and make our windows look like stubby little thumbs! The curtains function, so they will provide all the privacy we would need. We rarely used the blinds anyway. 

So about 5 minutes ago I just jumped up on the chair and ripped them down, while trying not to wake Madison up. I still haven’t unscrewed the little box things because I don’t want to wake him up with the drill, but you can see how much better it is. See the difference? The right window looks so much happier!


Our blind-less, curtain-outfitted windows look just as they should. Doesn’t everything look peaceful in the morning light? The mirror got hung up, and it looks great. 


I paid $20 for 4 little prints of…stagecoaches? Is that what you call them? Whatever they were teensy and cute and kinda old! 

RAD. That’s all for today. BYE!

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