When the decorating mood hits.

I restyle my mantel all the time. I come up with an idea for a project and in 5 minutes I’ve got the paint can open. Sometimes I step back and finally see the perfect way to arrange the furniture for the seventh time. The decorating mood just hits and that’s when I do the best stuff. Sarah helps me with my whims mostly because she knows it’s not her house and she can just go home if it’s ugly. 
Just yesterday I decided “Sure! Let’s paint these sheet vinyl poopy little floors.” So Sarah and I went to go buy paint and contemplated starting at 8:00 at night (we didn’t.) Now keep in mind that is AFTER we already decided to take down my mantel mirror and paint it black again. 

Here’s the downside about my projects and the decorating mood that gets them going: they’re so out of order. I still haven’t taken the wallpaper down in my mint bathroom! 

SO, as of today, here are the next few things I would like to complete in correct order:

1) Hang up my rope/circular mirror after it dries (I painted it black too.)

2) Pick out a smokier color for the black PMS hallway and finish painting it. Or maybe use a mistint can I already have. I was hopeful that the color above would satisfy me, but I’m really not sure. 

3) Paint kitchen floors. I would do peel and stick tiles, but the floor is uneven, and I would like to make them look at least a little better before we wait do a big fix. 

Those three things have either had the supplies bought for or are halfway done and just sitting around as my decorating mood preys on different rooms. Hopefully writing this will keep me accountable 👍🏽

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  1. Sarah Chastain

    September 13th, 2016 at 7:49 pm

    Hey! You did all these things! Your rope mirror is hung, your hallway is painted, and so are your kitchen floors! Good job

  2. bdiscovershome

    September 14th, 2016 at 1:47 am

    You are my project accountability partner

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