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Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed your weekend πŸ™‚ 
This past weekend, my mother and brother came down to visit and celebrate my GORGEOUS mom’s birthday. The last time they stayed at our house was the night Madison and I got married, and my poor brother ended up staying in our Florida room (not our guest room) with the company of big ol’ giant spiders. SO naturally, besides hiring pest control and caulking up every crack in that room, I wanted our real guest room to be cozy and inviting this time for my brother. Sans non-kitten creatures. 

When we first got married, the guest room was a combination of any random furniture/lamp/bedding that we had no place for. It wasn’t “designed” at all, just meant for my Nana to have a place to sleep when she came for my wedding. 

Now as I am slooowwly beginning the process of creating the room, my main focus is for it to be peaceful and simple. I personally love staying in rooms that feel restful after a long drive and leave plenty of space for my bags and personal items, and I wanted the same for any future guests of ours. 

Besides the bed skirt and curtain rings, everything in this room came from “shopping” around my house. Even after pulling items from other rooms, no gaps were left in the places I shopped! Hooray for that. Now let’s get started and I’ll show you my step-by-step progress.

The first project was painting over the light blue walls. This room is the only bedroom downstairs, and I wanted the whole floor to have the same wall color (Sea Pearl by Benjamin Moore). I love the look of bright white in photos, but in person I need it to be a little cozier. This color keeps the furniture and accessories the focus while not being an eye-blinding paper white. I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not an expert at picking out paint colors, so I just keep rolling with this one since I love it so much! I also painted the 2 closet doors and main door in a $5 mistint from Sherwin Williams called “Black Abyss”.

My next task was hanging the curtains, which I had Madison hang 1 inch below the picture molding. They are floor length cotton IKEA sheers, not the plastic-y kind of sheers that feel like thin 90s windbreakers. My mom bought them for me when I moved into my first house out of college, and I loved how breezy they were when the windows are open. They had tabs, so I just took some scissors and cut them off. I added clip-on rings from Wal-Mart and ta-da! 

The reason the curtain rods are bendy in the middle and don’t have finials (those little knobs that go on the end) is because I found them in my closet…that’s really all. We didn’t have any more money in our home improvement budget because I’ve been doing other things around the house, so these rods work for now! As long as nobody is violently opening the curtains, we should be fine. 

One of my favorite moments in the room is the thrifted basket-turned-planter for my baby fern. It is the first thing you see from the hallway view, and it brings so much life and texture in this simple room. Visually it works since I don’t have a lamp for this side yet. 

It’s perched on a fun table I thrifted, alongside a thrifted vintage brass tray that reads “POCKET CHANGE”. It’s always nice to have a spot to take off earrings or rings before bed without fear of losing them. Wouldn’t it be nice to be greeted by this happy little plant when you wake up? 

The bed skirt is a cheap, plain one that’s pretty much see through from Target. I have no sewing skills, otherwise I would make one. I’d been looking at some really gorgeous linen ones on Etsy, but I couldn’t find any I loved under $80. As much as I believe in buying the right thing that will last longer, I’m not shelling out $80 for a bed skirt this month.

I have two small IKEA sheepskin rugs I got off craigslist, one on each side of the bed. I no longer have a rug that goes in this space, but I did want something for guests to step out on or to wipe their feet off on before slipping in bed. Does anybody else detest the feeling of getting into a clean made bed with little crumb-y feet? Blegh! Eventually I will get a neutral rug in here as it gets cold downstairs in the winter, but for now these work just fine. You can also see Marbles trying to eat the fern. Sigh. 

On the right side wall, I had to make due with art I had on hand to balance out the off-centered window. This house is FULL of off-centered stuff. Windows, light fixtures, you name it. Drives me bizzonkers. It was fun to experiment with this particular window, but it’s not exactly as I’d like it yet (hence “progress” in title.) 

I had to be mindful of the fact that I don’t have a headboard and don’t want somebody knocking their head on the frames. They still probably could at this height, but I couldn’t stand to hang it any higher up and make it look even more disconnected from the rest of what is going on. 

REAL LIFE CORDAGE HAPPENING ABOVE. Because guess what? This room has only two outlets, one on the left and right of the room. So everything runs off extension cords right now.

The lamp is thrifted and was custom pottery signed “Phil 1976” from Pinehurst Pottery. When I Googled it, it shows they are located in NC, but I actually purchased this at a thrift store in Mt. Pleasant, SC. The night stand is from Target when I was in high school. I begged my mom for it (because what high schooler doesn’t beg for home decor items?) I propped the lamp up on some books since the nightstand is fairly low.

The other side of the room holds an inherited dresser that I eventually would like to take the mirror off of and replace it with something mis-matched and hanging. Not sure about painting or hardware yet. The folding chair was gifted to me by someone I used to work for. It’s just right for putting shoes on and such. I kept my old laundry basket in here because as a guest, I never know where to put my towels at the end of my stay.

Again, it’s not perfect, but for progress, I’m diggin it. If continuing to upgrade this room becomes a priority, the first thing I would get is a headboard and more or larger pieces above it for balance. I don’t want to buy specific art for in here until we purchase (or more likely make) a headboard. 

Lastly, I want to encourage you if your guest room isn’t quite where you like it and you have someone coming to visit. Remember that they are here for your company, not your house! Don’t apologize for things not being “perfect” when they walk in or make jokes putting your decorating skills down. Chances are they don’t notice or care; they might even feel uncomfortable that you clearly feel uncomfortable with them there. Just give them a big hug, say “welcome”, and relax! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing our guest room progress! I would love to see in the comments what your favorite way to welcome a guest is. If your comment has anything to do with cooking something yummy, expect to see me inviting myself over soon πŸ™‚

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