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Halfway through November and it is FINALLY feeling like fall here in Columbia, SC. Our yard is blanketed in pretty red leaves, and we finally had to turn the heater on! My husband Madison is just happy that he doesn’t sweat every time I ask him to help me do a project 🙂 We finished the walls in the mint bathroom and are taking the finishing touches slowly. My roman shade was delivered this morning, and I can’t wait to put it up!
After feeling like I’ve been living in that bathroom, I needed a little break from it! So, this past week I updated a few simple things in our living room:


You’ll notice that those lamps are different than the mismatched glass ones there before. I have had trouble finding inexpensive shades that go on both lamps, so I moved our bedroom lamps down here temporarily. Now that I see them here…I kind of want them to stay! They are a much better scale next to the large sofa. What do you think?

I also found a new hole-in-the-wall antique mall/auction house with the NICEST owner. There was nobody in there and the prices were great; I enjoyed the shopping as much as the pieces I brought home! The first was this stoneware crock for $15:


I love stoneware crocks, but mostly see large ones for over $50 or ones that have a blue stripe or number on them. This one was a perfect size and price even though I wasn’t sure what I would do with it. I ended up taking my blue star fern out of its Goodwill basket and planting it in the crock. Because the piece of pottery is taller than the basket, it looks better on the mantel opposite of the two iron candlesticks. Those heavy candlesticks are not only pretty, they are perfect for smacking an intruder in the head. I got them at an antique mall while visiting my mom in Greenville. If you watch my Instagram stories, it was the same place where those beautiful vintage lucite end tables were!


Plus, look how cute that round $18 vintage mirror is up there! You can’t tell here, but there are fingerprints all over it because I’ve moved it around the house so much 🙂 Oops!



I added a few books to my coffee table as well as a vintage wooden game board I’ve had for a while.


Normally I pick up home decorating books off Amazon, but that 90’s garden book from an antique mall had such a pretty spine and lovely pictures on the inside. I also added another home book (The Perfectly Imperfect Home) I got as a gift from my mother-in-law (thanks Dora!).

artists gardens and bowls.jpg


The little wooden bowl is one of my favorite thrifts, and you can probably find one at your Goodwill! I see them all the time, but they don’t look worn down. I just stuck mine in the dish washer a few times and it did the trick. The little massage crystals we got at the beach. I don’t know if people believe they have healing powers or something, but we just got them because Madison said rubbing my shoulders makes his thumbs hurt (haha!)

The fun little beads I bought for $1.00 with the stoneware crock. I always see decorators having wooden beads draped over stuff, but was always like is it a necklace? Where do you find these thingies? But then I saw old beads and was like OH. I LIKE.

bead bowl.jpg

Well folks, that’s about it for now. I’ll be trying to hang the bathroom roman shade today as well as boring stuff like vacuuming. Hope you have a relaxing Saturday!

kitties floor door.jpg

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