Back in September, I painted the vinyl flooring in our kitchen after staring at the ugly green fake tile for 6 months. I knew I couldn’t hate my floors anymore than I already did, so I got a can of Valspar’s porch and floor paint and went to town.

So how have they held up? The short answer: not so well. From afar, the floor looks “meh” at best:


Because we knew we wanted to remodel the kitchen within a few years, we didn’t want to sink money into new flooring that might not fit the plan. Peel and stick tiles weren’t an option because our floor is not even. I did quite a bit of research on other folks’ reviews of how their painted vinyl floors held up, and nobody seemed to have any major issues. Apparently I didn’t think to see if these people had pets. Our cats have DEFINITELY been the downfall of our floors. Underneath the rug, the paint looks brand new BUT in the open areas it looks like this:


At first I thought it was cat hair that was sticking to the floors, because the lines are so thin and short. After vigorously sweeping, I got down on my knees and realized that when the cats played with their toys or ran through the room, they were leaving little tiny scratch marks ALL over the floor. I’ve looked a little bit into it, and some people say that the key is to NOT use primer before painting, which I did. Not using primer would be easier anyway, so I wish I had tried that.

As far as having a dark color floor, it has its disadvantages! Before the scratches, dirt did show up a little bit, but it wasn’t like every spec of dust was apparent. A quick sweep did the trick, but I should have been doing that more frequently anyway 🙂 The problem really is scuffing/prints. You can see it a little bit in the picture above, but it will pick up shoe prints pretty well. We walk through our kitchen multiple times a day, and the floor picks up the prints of our shoes with patterned soles.

Overall I would not recommend painting vinyl floors unless its a pattern and you don’t have pets! I’m glad I tried it, but to me the old floor color was less embarrassing than our floors looking like there is cat hair all over it. I’m putting this in the same category as a #pinterestfail for me!

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