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Hey everyone! I made a few small updates to our front living room that I’ve shared on Instagram, but I thought I would give you an overall peek at how far it’s come!
Just to recap, our old home has two living rooms: one in the front right by the entry, and one in the back that was an add-on and leads to the back patio. This living room is the one near our entry. I think some people differentiate between the two as a “family room” and “living room” but whatever.

Here is our front living room 1) in the real estate listing photo and 2) right when Madison and his roommates moved in, a little under a year before we married:


living room before.jpg

^^That’s not my husband in that chair lol

Deep tan walls, oversized mirror, fireplace surround, tiny light fixture, blerghhhh. Oh and did you catch the bi-fold door tucked away that included plastic “stained glass” inserts? Yeah those were in three different openings. But I suppose not bad for a bunch of single dudes.

Up until a week ago, we had kept those giant striped chairs because they were super comfortable and we couldn’t afford brand new ones…at least the kind I wanted 🙂 But then I remembered I had two chairs I purchased from Habitat for Humanity Restore for $60 a piece just chillin in our back living room nook (which is now going to be my office.) I don’t know why I didn’t think to put them in the front sooner!




You can see above that one chair has a tiny rip in the arm, but besides that they are in perfect condition. The old large chairs were uncomfortable for conversational sitting because you sank in so much, but these are just right. I’d like to get a small poof to use as a foot rest or additional seating, especially since the coffee table is closer to the sofa.

The chairs are a tad more on the green side to fit perfectly in the room, but they are obviously MUCH better than those ginormous green striped things. Even so, I would LOVE to slipcover them. Here’s the part where I wish I could say I had a sewing machine and knew how to do that, but unfortunately I’ll probably hire that out (if you are or know a good upholsterer in Columbia, SC, hit me up!)

Casual interiors are my fav, and I love how a loose-fitting slipcover lends to that for both functionality and looks (people eat everywhere in our house). Here is what I’m talking about:


Believe it or not these white chairs are IKEA chairs! Bemz makes slipcovers for IKEA furniture, and this is the “Urban Loose” fit. I think it looks so smart and modern while adding a texture that looks great lived-in.


This chair from Graham and Green sports a slightly more polished look with the hidden seams. BUTTTT both of the above inspiration photos have arms with clean lines, and my Habitat chairs have rolled arms. Mine will look more like the one below:


Thankfully my chairs don’t have oversized rolled arms like our Craigslist sofa does, but hey, that sofa was only $60 and we have two living rooms to furnish!! We will probably keep it until we move.

As far as what fabric I’ll choose, I’m not sure that I will go the white route. It would feel very imbalanced to have the chair/window side of the room white and bright, facing a dark leather sofa and big wall. Plus, after reading Lauren Liess’s (aka my decorating crush) post on her white sofa, I think twice about white even if it is slipcovered and can be washed.

Now did you catch the new man in my life?


HE SO WISE LOOKIN’. I went to the antique mall 3 different times to visit him, and each time I was like…do I want to spend half of my fun money for the month on a smaller painting? (#sticktothebudget) But over a couple of months I couldn’t stop thinking about him so I went back and took him home! Turns out the lady was running a 20% off sale for her booth HECK YEAH. I just threw him up on the mantle because I was excited, but I actually like how casual the mantle looks now.

Our front living room is really coming together! We have been doing SO much to this house since we got married in February, and it is a far cry from the outdated, dirty, empty space it was when he purchased it. The real estate photos don’t show the dirty brass switch plates, cracks around windows, and general ickiness that the place had. PLUS that room was the best looking of the bunch!

Sorry I didn’t take high-quality photos and edit the bejeezus out of them, but at least you can get a realistic picture of it all. Thanks for reading! I’ll try to give you more updates as  I go along, but if you follow on Instagram stories, you’ll see I was painting our back living room. I’ll share a little bit about that next time 🙂

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