DIY Upholstered Headboard

Our guest room is looking much better than when I first moved in! Even though it’s not top priority around here, we do have a good bit of overnight guests, and I wanted to slowly make it a simple, relaxing, warm room. On the list of things to add was a headboard, which we (lol mostly Madison) DIY’d this past Sunday.
The best place for the bed is in front of that annoyingly off-centered window, which makes the headboard tricky since it would block light. I went back and forth between metal vs. upholstered because of that reason. Upholstered won the battle because 1) we could DIY it quickly, and 2) comfort.

A local fabric store had a huge going-out-of-business sale this past week, and I found the perfect off-white linen for $5 a yard! I love that it’s neutral so I can layer a blanket over it or play up pattern with the pillows whenever I change my mind.


I’ll spare you the how-to details as there are about a million tutorials if you google “DIY upholstered headboard”, but if you have specific questions just message me and I’ll let you know! I didn’t want nail head trim, and I knew I didn’t want the headboard to be high and block too much of the window, so it’s 20″ off the top of the mattress. I sat in the bed while Madison held up a measuring tape, and I felt like it was the perfect unobtrusive height while still being able to lean up against comfortably. It’s also tall enough to have the pillows sitting upright instead of laying down like they are in the photo.


We had to attach ours to the bed frame and not the wall since it’s in front of a window, but the wall option would have been much easier. Thankfully Madison is a genius and handy, so he made the legs adjustable in case we needed it. I painted the legs the same color as the wall to hide them, but it does make me wish we were able to hang it on the wall so you wouldn’t see them at all.


I love it! I’m very happy with how it turned out, despite being slightly uneven on the top from my lack of foam cutting skills 🙂 Imperfection is key, right?

The grey pillow is temporary, though I do like the size. I’m not a tons-of-pillows-on-the-bed kinda person, but I’d like to add one or two I can toss on there. For some reason I can’t get two super old-fashioned prints out of my head: toile and paisley! WHY. Am I going to take up knitting soon?! Anyway, I need some lamps and a rug in addition to the pillows, but I’ll probably add those slowly as well.

I had both green and lavender fabric remnant lying around, so I tossed it over the existing pillow to see what they would feel like in the room.




^The world’s tiniest pillow. I think I’ll probably go with a green pattern of some sort and not lavender. I like the lavender but it’s a little too precious looking with all of the white.

Now you see my problem, world. I get too excited for the next step and need to be patient! For now I will be loving our cloud-like little guest room 🙂 And maybe hanging artwork back up…


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  1. Olivia Stinebaugh

    January 24th, 2017 at 3:19 pm

    YAY! Love!! It looks fabulous!!

  2. bdiscovershome

    January 24th, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    Eee! Thank you!! Thankfully Madison didn’t find it too much of a pain to make another one for our bedroom 🙂 HOPEFULLY SOON!!!

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