Window Treatment Options – Part Two – Shade & Drape Layering

In the last post, I discussed quite possibly the easiest way to dress your windows, the clip-and-hang style. Today I’m talking about the ever-popular layering method that is both functional and works in a variety of rooms – the Shade + Drape combo. But first, let’s take a look at a few rooms with roman shades holding their own:

via  I love how even though this kitchen is neutral and classic, the bold pattern on the shade gives it personality and depth! 

via I love how the woven shades and other natural elements here (wood tones, cowhide, painting) counter the modern chairs perfectly. 

via But maybe you’re like me and you think that there’s no such thing as too much white + wood tones…in that case use woven shades like there’s no tomorrow. 

via Windows that are shoved into corners are the perfect candidate for a lone roman shade, since drapes can clutter the view and are altogether unnecessary. This fabric shade adds softness to the window while providing light filtering and privacy. 

via Aaaand same here with the window in a corner debacle. 

Roman shades are a great option in many places where curtains just don’t function well (behind a desk, in a kitchen, behind a banquette). However, adding curtains to the mix can make such a difference in the softness or energy of a room. They are another opportunity to add texture and pattern into a room, and can also play tricks on the eye to make a window appear larger than it really is.

via This bedroom almost looks like it could be the same one as before! Now the window has just enough room to have both a roman shade plus curtains. The shade is mounted above and outside the window, so it draws your eye up and makes it look larger than it actually is. This combo is a great example of how the material you choose makes a big difference. The shade is fabric, relaxed, and paired with equally relaxed curtains. Had the shade been woven, and the curtains tailored, this room would feel much different. 

via See how the addition of patterned curtains and woven shades gives this room SO much more energy than plain old blinds? 

via It’s rare that a bathroom has enough space to include curtains, but here they bring such a softness to the stone and rustic wood. But of course I love everything Lauren Liess does so is this really a surprise? In her book she talks about how the shade + drape combo is her favorite, so let me bombard you with all of her greatness in that area:

I mean. Need I say more? It works so well in so many rooms! Do remember to double check your measurements before ordering any roman shade, and remember that most bamboo blinds are straight up see through. You’ll need to pull the curtains over it or have it lined (you can DIY it very easily) if privacy is an issue. Hope this helps!

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