Our New Jute Rug!

SPOILER ALERT: I love this rug. Madison said it’s “stringy” but we don’t have a rug pad under it yet so I will not take it to heart. Plus I’m not even sure what that means. He liked our wool rug just fine (which you can see here along with before pictures of the living room) but it was dark and sucking up the natural light. Bye-bye. So here’s the new rug, complete with cats in the window and sample paint still on the trim. Also I know the picture is crooked I’m not great with the camera yet!

We are getting the rug pad today but I was too impatient to not put it all together and take pictures! The rug is a 9×12 from Overstock and was on sale for under $300 with shipping. NOT BAD MY FRIEND, NOT BAD. It feels good on bare feet and has a cotton border that makes it a little more polished looking. The whole room is finally getting closer to the natural/wood toned/light and bright look I love. It just feels so peaceful! 

The day after we got it, a big storm came through so I got some rainy-day time in the house. I restyled the shelves a bit and switched out the pottery jug for a glass one on the mantel. It feels much lighter and lets the branches be the focus! 

Wanna know a secret? When leaves or flower petals fall off an arrangement, I just leave them. It’s sort of pretty in a way…plus I don’t have to clean it up.

The room on the right is our Florida room (basically a porch that at some point they walled in). They put new but very unattractive brown carpet in it, and it still has the paint color the living room had. Hoping to change both of those in one swoop so we can just paint then rip the carpet up. Am I that lazy that I would rather wait than get out drop cloths? Hahahah. Oh well. But isn’t the ceiling cute?

The cats love the new room, and so do I. Madison and I seem to be hanging out in here more often already as well! I love it. 

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