Spring Around Here

Warm weather has graced South Carolina. I am in love. I open all my windows and eat outside every time I can. 

 This is John Derian's porch. I love every single thing about it. 

This is John Derian’s porch. I love every single thing about it. 

I guess spring is where I feel most myself. I’m not freezing all the time, I can read a book under our umbrella, and I don’t feel guilty for just drinking sweet tea and watching birds. I think I might be a cliche. 

Even though spring makes the world feel alive, it’s the time I feel most free to rest. It feels sinful to not stop and soak in the beauty of the world I continually take for granted. Have you ever just plopped a lawn chair out and observed how mesmerizing sunlight coming through the trees is? Not in a beautiful garden (though your yard may be). Just in your backyard, maybe with a drink in hand. Cell phone out of sight. Prepared to murder mosquitos. 



I realized a couple of years ago that I was sad when a season ended because I didn’t truly take the time to appreciate it. Now, when a season comes around I try to actually do the things I was looking forward to. You know, silly things like carving pumpkins and bonfires and Christmas lights and spending a whole day on the lake. I think this summer I would like to try to make a new drink to enjoy with friends. 

  Lemon-Basil Mojito  via

Lemon-Basil Mojito via

Enjoying life…season by season…day by day. It’s interesting how little importance we place on enjoying simple things nowadays, isn’t it? Why do we feel guilty to have enjoyment as a high priority? God gives us nature, relationships, gifts, talents, and endless love, and yet it seems as though working hard, having it all, and proving our worth to everyone are the most valued ways to spend our time. 

Aren’t you a friendlier, more loving person when you take time to be present, mindful, and peaceful? Don’t you just feel right gathered around a meal with friends instead of in front of your television? Non-gourmet, no fancy plates, possibly no shoes. With nothing to prove, just to enjoy company. 

   via  Lonny

via Lonny

If you’ve never tried to slow your life down, maybe this spring is a good time. Sure, spring will come around again next year. You can pretend that one day far in the future you will finally enjoy yourself and feel at peace. But haven’t enough days and seasons and entire years gone by where you can’t even remember what got you through or why you existed? 

Let’s just vow to do one thing this spring that is just for us. Write it down. It doesn’t have to be cool. After all, we aren’t going to instagram it or show it off, we are just going to enjoy it. 

I’d like to read “Chasing Slow” by Erin Loechner. Maybe while sipping the new drink I’ll make. 

  This  book review  has me excited. 

This book review  has me excited. 

What did you write down?




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