A New White Sofa Is On the Way!

In a turn of events one can only describe as PURE MAGICALNESS, we will be getting a new sofa in the next couple of weeks! 

Madison has been mentally drained from working a lot more lately, and we had been feeling a bit disconnected. We decided we needed a little date this past Thursday night, so we went for a short game of bowling and dinner. When we got home, he points at our living room chairs and all sheepishly says “Briana, these chairs are going to have to go…” I already knew he doesn’t like them because he is too tall for them, so I was like “MADISON what did you do to them DID YOU BREAK ONE ON PURPOSE!?” But no, he just took out a tape measure, measures out the length of the sofa, and says, “Well I don’t think they will fit with a sofa.” And I say “Ummm okay cool?” because I’m dense. We had talked about getting the sofa, but knew it would be a while before we did. But little did I know, he had been working more because he wanted to surprise me with it (insert crying emojis here). I love him. He is so cool. 


It’s white!

It’s slipcovered!

It’s got a bench seat!




Alright so let me break it down for you, sister. This is the white IKEA Farlov sofa, one of their newer ones. I tossed and turned (not really, I’m a heavy sleeper) about what sofa to get for months. I shared with you all I was torn between waiting forever to get the down-wrapped, linen-slipcovered sofa of my dreams or going ahead with the inexpensive IKEA Farlov sofa. Here’s why I decided on the Farlov:

1) Budget. We are working through saving up 6 months of our emergency fund, and after that will be beginning retirement. A $2,000-$3,000 sofa really isn’t a wise purchase anytime soon. This sofa was $673.15 shipped! It’s normally $699 without shipping, but they are having an Ikea Family sale until June 6th. Now normally I would recommend that you be patient and wait to get the quality, perfect thing, but…

2) We’ve got two living rooms. Our back living room has two comfy leather sofas Madison’s parents gave us (thank you!) and it’s where our television is. Our front living room is where the new sofa is going, and we don’t ever stay there to cuddle for long. It’s where we sit and talk after dinner, host home group, or read a book. I know this sofa won’t be as comfortable as the dream sofa, but it’s not the curl-up-and-watch-a-movie sofa anyway. 

3) It knocks off most of the list. It has a bench cushion, slipcover, good lines, and generous proportions for a 6’4″ husband. Is the slipcover made with the best fabric? No. Does sitting in it feel like a cloud? Probably not. But for our first sofa purchase, I’m not gonna hate on this bad boy! 

Most of the reviews harp on how the fabric isn’t the greatest, but that’s not a deal-breaker for me for our stage of life. If it turns out to be a perfectly comfy sofa, I can order a slipcover from Bemz or ComfortWorks at some point. Plus I plan on adding soft, yummy pillows to help it. Look how great it looks in these rooms:

 via  Emerson Grey Designs

via Emerson Grey Designs

 via Blesser House

via Blesser House

Besides the fact that I’ll probably need to use my steamer to get wrinkles out once it gets here, it looks like it will be a great sofa for how we plan to use it. 

I’m taking living room inspiration from these white sofa rooms to keep a good mix of vintage, funky, and classic:

  Lauren Liess's studio

Lauren Liess’s studio

 A Design Sponge tour of a funky-cool victorian home - you need to check it out!

A Design Sponge tour of a funky-cool victorian home – you need to check it out!

  John Derian's home.  Okay mine won't be as antique mall looking as this, but I do love the space and it's use of a white sofa!

John Derian’s home. Okay mine won’t be as antique mall looking as this, but I do love the space and it’s use of a white sofa!

 Not a sofa, but the touches of dark wood + greenery + glass I love! Via  Chateau de Konstanse

Not a sofa, but the touches of dark wood + greenery + glass I love! Via Chateau de Konstanse

 Another  Lauren Liess room ? Why not?! 

Another Lauren Liess room ? Why not?! 

Now can I tell you a super silly secret? I am kind of hoping I find some fabulous vintage, green, funky sofa to counter it. Like I’ll have this buttoned-up classy little sofa and then something that’s all BANG like one of these: 

 vi a La Maison Boheme

vi a La Maison Boheme

 via Desire to Inspire

via Desire to Inspire

The sofa above is from Anthropologie, and luckily my husband’s hometown of Augusta is only a little over an hour away. AKA where Final Cut, the Anthropologie outlet is!!!! They have funky weird sofas there all the time so maybe I’ll get lucky 🙂 

I’m so jazzed about the new sofa! I’ll let you know how it goes when it comes in! EEEE!

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