How I Got Free Vintage Art Online

Here’s the sitch: original art is WORTH IT! A print of a painting will never live up to the real thing. However, for some of us, paying the price of original art is out of the question. Especially for gallery walls! So I did a little world wide web hunting to find some 100% free printables! This is probably not the most extensive list, but it’s what I’ve found so far.

How To Print Free Graphics

I’ve heard of people using Staples or FedEx, but I tried Costco and had luck! It looked great and was C H E A P.

Free Printable Sites

Keep in mind when looking at these sites, that some are not high-res, meaning they might look blurry or pixilated if printed large-scale. Click on any of the photos you see to be taken to the site!

The New York Public Library Digital Collections

There are TONS of old images, illustrations, book pages, etc. on this site! It’s my favorite so far, although I will still share a couple of other sites. Here’s a tip: if you are wanting to download high-res images, make sure you click the box that says “Show Only Public Domain” so that you only see images available to download in that format. Otherwise they will only be available in 300px or 760px. You can search by category, but it does take a little bit of time to pick through everything.

LOVE THIS ONE OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE IT’S A CAT. The title even says “Beautiful Cat” making it a fact, one you cannot argue with. 

How sweet are these turtles?! Check out that whole collection – there are tons of cool animals. 

“Miss Evelyn Nesbitt” how beautiful! She might be going to coachella, not sure. 

If you live near Gaffney, SC or just like peaches, how cute would this be in a kitchen? 

I love the whimsy of this one. 

And this dancing woman too, for all you free spirits. Unfortunately this one isn’t public domain so it’s not available in high-res. Maybe for a small print in a gallery wall?


I was mostly looking for portrait-oriented prints for myself, but they obviously have landscape-oriented as well. 

Nothing like some good old-fashioned bathing dresses to get you through the steamy South Carolina summers!

Beautiful floral prints! I particularly love the pink magnolia. 

This illustration of God creating flowers and plants kind of makes me giggle but I like it. There are also ones of God creating the stars and Adam and Eve and such in the same collection/book.

There are a TON of these moth prints you could make a grid wall or a DIY wallpaper out of! Search “moth” not “butterfly”. 

Aaaand if you’re into maps, just search your state or city and “map” and a bunch should come up. 

Vintage Printable

I’ve seen a couple of other bloggers mention this site, so I thought I would check it out! Essentially you just right click and save the photo, so I’m not positive on how the quality would turn out for a larger print. Since printing is cheap though, it’s worth a shot!

This site is much easier to navigate, though there are no high-res options. It is heavy on botanicals and animals, so if that’s what you’re looking for, they’ve got it. When I clicked on some of their categories, they came up blank, but maybe it’s my computer? Give it a try either way!

Dramatic hand holding.

LOVE this photo of a man holding up a tree struck by lightning. 

There are lots of these grid-like eggs. 

They do have a section of botanical cyanotypes, which all have this pretty royal blue background. 

Growing up, I spent a lot of summers in beach homes my parents were flipping, plus the beach-themed stores around them. You would think that would give me a fondness for beach decor, but no. However, these illustrations above aren’t horrible. 

These sites are my new favorite source for inexpensive art! If you find one you love, SHOW ME!

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