On Wrinkles & Wear

The world we live in is obsessed with youth and perfection. We are scared to look older than 29 and cling to believing that younger is sexier, being sexier is better than being respected, and then spend our whole lives trying to appear “ageless”. Just silliness! It’s futile anyway.

Embracing imperfection and age means embracing the inevitable, embracing life as it truly is. I love when a home does that as well. 

Sometimes there are weird things in our home that we just can’t get rid of. That’s ok! It’s just a reminder that you aren’t in control, and that decorating is not all that serious. Don’t let it ruin your attitude towards your home. If you can change it within your budget and energy limits, go on ahead. If not, life goes on. If you have your eyes set on a lifestyle you can’t afford, check yourself before you wreck yourself FOR REAL. Please don’t go into loads of debt and feeling like you aren’t good enough. It will never end.

I know as much as anyone that taking care of a home can feel more like a trap than a gift. But it is a gift indeed, and after taking time to find perspective I always come away refreshed and much more patient. I don’t want to get to the end of my life having spent it all trying to grasp perfection, or being “ageless”. In home or otherwise. 

Home is our avenue to serve, welcome, and love. Not to beat ourselves up. Don’t forget what matters in the end!

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