Sources for the “Playroom In the Country”

I’m back with this pretty playroom, but this time with all the details. If you missed the original before and after, go check it out!

1 Basket Light**|| 2 Copper Sconces || 3 Ceramic Nightlight || 4 Watercolor Floral Pillow ||

5 Striped Curtains || 6 Slipcovered Sofa || 7 Drum Table (similar)

**If you buy this basket light, buy the light kit that they sell to go with it! This thing is a beast and we had a hard time without that particular kit.

Everything else my client already owned with exception to the rug, which is no longer available at Target. It was an indoor-outdoor braided rug if you are in the mood to search! Same goes for the end table, but I did find a very similar one though it is more expensive 🙁 

Want to hear a quick funny story about this project? The dad of the little girl is country to the core… like their living room has like a million deer, boars, turkeys, etc. he’s hunted over the years. It’s actually super cool. But during installation day he turned to my husband and said, “I never thought I’d be one of those dads that hires a professional decorator for a playroom.” When Madison told me, I laughed so hard. I never thought I’d be a professional decorator either, but here we are! Love it. And don’t worry, he admitted it looked great! 😉


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