EASY DIY – Terra Cotta Candle Holder

Let me preface the rest of my blogging existence with this: I am not a fan of DIY decor. Now stuff like building a bookshelf, hanging a light, a simple spray paint job on a lamp, that I can get behind. Not so much little trinkets and crafts. But you know what made me want to be a little trinket-y DIY girl? Those little tiny terra cotta pots!

I don’t know why, but pots are just cuter when they are that tiny. I knew I wanted some for no good reason, but I wanted them to be old looking. I thought about buying them and doing a DIY to age them, but then I found a bunch of actually old ones! I was out shopping with my friend Eileen (she is the first blog I ever read plus I love her plus her house is so pretty please go stalk her) and I found a TON of them, icky just like I like ’em. 

They seem magical, like they belong in an old mysterious garden. They were 50 cents a piece so naturally I bought 16 of them. I can imagine them all lined up on the mantle, or scattered on a table for Thanksgiving! Paying $8.00 for 16 tiny dirty pots is something only you and I would do, right? Other people do not understand our love for old crap, but it’s okay. They can look at themselves in all the shiny surfaces in their house.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me talk about how much I love beeswax candles in my insta stories. The votives melt into whatever you use, so you can’t use something large or it wastes a bunch of wax. My husband surprised me with a little box of beeswax votives, and these pots were the perfect vessel for them. If you use a tea light or maybe even a short taper candle, you will probably need something to elevate it like dry rice, beans, or moss so you can actually see the flame. 

So voila! I have old, unique candle holders. Here’s the recap if you didn’t read and only looked at the pictures:


  • small terra cotta pot

  • votive candle (I prefer beeswax for health reasons)

  • something to set pot on


  • small terra cotta pot

  • tea light or short pillar candle

  • a filler such as dry rice, beans, or moss.

DIRECTIONS (it’s for dummies trust me)

Clean out the inside of the pot to get rid of dirt that might smell when heated up. If you bought a votive candle, just set it in the pot, trim the wick a little shorter (makes your candle last longer), and you are good to go! Make sure to set your pot on a small plate or something you don’t mind getting a little wax on. There are small holes in the bottoms of the pots and no wax has come out yet, but better safe than sorry! 

If you bought a tea light candle, fill the bottom of your pot with your filler of choice, nestle the tea light so it doesn’t fall over, and you’re done! You probably won’t need something to set your pot on since you have the metal bottom of the tea light plus your filler.

Whatchya think?! I love how cozy they make our living room feel. Sometimes I think that even the most basic of rooms can be made welcoming with a candle and some greenery. If you are stumped in your house, please don’t not invite people over just because you aren’t “finished” decorating! Just tidy up and light a candle 🙂 

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