I Can’t Stop Thinking About Fall

It started with watching Gilmore Girls (again) a few weeks back.

Then it turned into Googling “Taylor Swift fall outfits” (You just wait.)

Then all fall heaven unleashed on my brain.


Um. Yes. It’s only August, which in South Carolina means you are still baking under the sun’s wrath like a piece of beef jerky.

But I know you are like me and you dream of the days when your legs don’t stick to the seats in your car, and during school hours, the stores are no longer plagued with middle schoolers taking selfies. But I don’t drink coffee, so I am not with you on the PSL, ladies. Sorry. It is interesting to me how a beverage from a single store has become the societal mark of fall though.

I mean, the days are coming where we can take advantage of LAYERING. 


 1 || 2 || 3

It rarely gets cold enough to even wear a heavy jacket here, let alone own multiples, but I am all about block-heel booties. Start thinking about if there is a piece missing from your fall/winter wardrobe – you can still find great sales from markdowns of last season! Quality items that will last are wonderful, but they are extra wonderful when they go on sale 🙂 I just bought a pair of these for under $60, and they’re in my favorite olive green color. Pair with a t-shirt + scarf or sweater and I’m out the door.

At home I am already planning how to make our home welcoming and cozy for the fall season, and I can’t WAIT to share it with you in a few months. For now you can follow me on Pinterest and see what I’ve been looking at. I definitely have a few favorites that have been getting me in the fall mood:





I’ve been toying around with color/pattern for fall decor, but I am wondering if that’s even worth the thought. Sometimes a piece just sticks out to me and feels more cozy or fall-like, and I’ll know if it will fit in our home.

I think we get caught up in the spirit of things so much that we believe buying is the answer. But the seasons can mean so much more than decorating if we let them. To me fall decor just signals the time of taking long walks, playing board games in the evening, and inviting friends over for dinner. If obsessing over making your home look like “fall” takes away from your actual enjoyment of the beautiful season, just don’t do it. Seriously! Bring in a few amber leaves and call it a day. But if decorating is part of the fun for you, then you know how much enjoyment it can bring!

I am thankful I got a kick in the pants about fall before it arrives, because it gives me time to plan and enjoy the process of decorating for it. Plus everything is way cheaper right now 🙂

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