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I just typed this whole stupid post up and it didn’t save WOWWW THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. Okay but onto brighter things and me typing this for the second time.

My best friend Sarah has pretty much let me have free reign decorating her house, and it has been SO FUN. You saw a snippet of her living room on my instagram:

But her master bedroom wasn’t as snazzy as she’d like:

Definitely not the worst room, but it wasn’t the bright + eclectic room she wanted. This was previously her husband’s room before they were married, and it didn’t feel like she had really moved in yet. The only thing that had changed in the 2 years they had been married was the duvet cover, rug, and the lamp, and it wasn’t all jiving together. Like you kind of walked in and weren’t like “HIDEOUS!” but everything matched too much and it didn’t give you any particular feeling or mood. She had a small budget to be spread out over a bit of time, but she was READY to switch things up.

I have to brag on her, because she is the most disciplined person I have ever met. She has a ridiculous body because she does crossfit (for the record I went twice with her and survived but just barely… yard work is enough of a workout for me). Her and her husband are also super disciplined with their finances, and they pay for everything cash. She saved up to re-do her bedroom instead of impatiently throwing money at it, and I think that is SO COOL!

Now Sarah is of course Ms. Organized and makes more Google spreadsheets than any person I know. So of course we had to first get some inspiration, then make a detailed plan. When I went through her Pinterest board, I saw she had a fairly even mix of traditional/charming and eclectic/modern:





Once we went over what she wanted, it was a no-brainer to paint the room an off-white [Sea Pearl by Benjamin Moore]. We moved the bed so that it was the focal point when you walked in the room, unlike before where it felt like it was hiding. That’s their dog going nuts on the bed – ignore him!

The door on the left goes to their side yard and they never use it. It’s a cute old house, so it’s got a few quirks like that. One day they could replace it with a door that lets in light, but for now we decided to cover it up with drapes and make it symmetrical with the window. 

The blue tape was to double check the dimensions for the headboard my husband built them. The circular pieces of paper taped to the wall happened because Sarah wanted to see how big the sconces would look. I loled. But wait, I haven’t even told you that we planned to put sconces in! Well let me show you what our plan was:

The sconces were perfect because there wasn’t enough room for them to both have a nightstand and lamp. She kept saying she wanted “funky and natural but cozy” and I think we hit the mark! We also changed up the bed, dresser, and added other fun things BUT I CAN’T SHOW YOU YET! I can’t wait for it to stop raining so I can take pictures. Okay bye!

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