Before & After – Eclectic Natural Bedroom

The time has come! I am still learning how to use my camera, so it took me a hot minute to take pictures of my best friend’s bedroom. You can read about the inspiration here, but let’s jump in!


It was dark, a little too masculine, and had a door that went to pretty much nowhere. If you are looking at the before picture, the entry door was to the left of that nightstand. It was weird to walk in and have the bed be to your left. There was no good focal point!


Ahhhh! Doesn’t it feel like a breath of fresh air?! We worked with the same rug she already had and loved, but changed almost everything else! The woven bench was in another room but not being used, so I brought it in as a place to sit when putting shoes on. My husband made the upholstered headboard, and Sarah picked a piece of art for above the bed from the not-so-secret source I wrote about! 

To give the room symmetry, I moved the bed to the right of the go-to-nowhere door so it was the focal point when you walk in. Then I covered the door with the same drapes used throughout, but kept them closed. Nobody would suspect if you didn’t already know!

Sarah thrifted the dresser herself from a Facebook group for less than $100! It is prettier and has more space than the old one, which was a score in the function department. We found the mirror together at a thrift store, and the lamp is from HomeGoods. 

Now my two very favorite things about this room are the bed situation and pressed greenery art. When you walk in, your eye is drawn to both of them and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

The bronze sconces are from Urban Outfitters, the Euro pillows are from HomeGoods, and the kilim pillow is from a great seller I’ve used on Etsy. The texture and color of the kilim pillow bring a lot of life and interest to such a small room, especially when there is a good bit of neutral going on. Is it weird that I consider green a neutral? It’s my favorite color.

A while back I started collecting leaves and pressing them, so I framed a few in some thrift store wooden frames for a pretty, simple collection. I kind of love that the frames are a little beat up looking 🙂

This house is old and tiny and precious, but with all those things comes small closets. She happens to be color-coordinated organized with her pretty clothes and shoes, so I just put them on display. We solved the “what to do with this wall” problem and the “where the heck do my clothes go” dilemma all in one swoop. To the right of the clothing rack is the closet door, so you can see there isn’t much room. She was using another bedroom in the house as a dressing room, but they hope to use it as a guest room in the future. It was best to solve the storage problem ahead of time, ya know? This is what you see directly from the entry door:

Once we removed the standard 2-inch blinds and put in bamboo roman shades layered with standard IKEA drapes, it felt so much lighter and happier. 

I hope you love this room as much as I do! I think a lot of good can come from having your client trust you, and thankfully she was my best friend so she did 🙂 She did keep saying to me, “Briana, you know I can handle more color than you can!” because my house is like…neutral central. Hehe! It’s so pretty in here I keep staring at it! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions!

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  1. Sarah Chastain

    October 30th, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    IT’S SO PRETTY I need to go home and clean it

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