Use This ONE Pantry Item to Fill Candle Holders

You know who rules the world in unique retail ambience? ANTHROPOLOGIE. That’s who. That’s why you go there and pay $480 for woolen finger puppets. But you’re with me right? You walk in, say something basic like “ugh it smells sooo good in here” and then head straight to the clearance aisle? [Fun fact one time I bought a sweater from the clearance aisle and saw Joanna Gaines wear the same one on Fixer Upper. So, I am now famous.]

BUT my favorite take-away I’ve ever gotten from them isn’t a sweater – it’s what to fill a candle holder with! They always have their candles tucked in a tall glass vase filled maybe an inch or so with beans or rice. Probably because open flames are a no-no. Weird, but so cool looking.

So I tried it myself, and it looks so pretty. I just used 1 standard bag of plain ol’ dried beans from the grocery store and it cost me less than $3. The glass vase was a HomeGoods clearance score for $5 – isn’t it cool?! And finally, you know I love beeswax candles, but I cheat on them sometimes with Mrs. Meyers’ lavender or basil candles. UGH. SO GOOD. I just peel the labels off to feel fancier or minimalist or something. 

Alright. There ya go. That’s it. Just beans and a candle. Beauty and the Beans. HA! No but for real – with fall coming up, this is a perfect way to add an extra level of cozy in a room.  

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