Collected Inspiration from HGTV Hometown’s Erin & Ben Napier

If you’re anything like me, HGTV is about the only channel you watch on television. So you’ve probably seen Ben & Erin Napier on their show, “HomeTown”, all about renovating old homes in their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi.

 I mean, just look at them. They are the cutest. Why is Ben not smoking a pipe? Aren’t people with beards like that supposed to smoke out of pipes? My bff Sarah has said a million times that she wants to cut her hair “like Erin Napier from the show!” And I love this picture because their porch is just one big advertisement for the best season ever, FALL! But after watching their first season, I love them and the work they do. Below are photos of their own home they renovated.



That. Sink. I LOVE IT.






But let me show you some of my favorite spaces they’ve done on the show [all photos below are from the HGTV site]:

I don’t know if they took some Inspiration from that onegreen DeVol kitchen, but gosh this is gorgeous. 

If I’m not mistaken, that wallpaper was original to the house, and they left it on one wall as an accent, then added the millwork. Come. To. Mama. 

Who doesn’t love working shutters and charming arches? 

Digging the rustic painted wood here, especially the trim + door color.

A close up of the same bedroom. 

And why not throw in a vintage art gallery nook to make me fall more in love. 

So yeah. I’m down with all of the vintag-ey collected goodness they put out there in the world. It’s so easy to give somebody a house they like that looks like every other house, but I love how funky and unique what they do is. 

What do you think? Are you ready to binge-watch every episode with me?!

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