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Fall is officially here! We had a week or two of a special kind of cool weather, but it’s gone and I’m back to wilting by 2:00 p.m. My consolation is that it will have to get cooler soon enough, so I can experience magic weather once again. 

I had the chance to install drapes on a lakefront project I’ve been working on for a while, and they have completely transformed the room! Even my client wasn’t sure that she really needed them, but they add such a softness and coziness to the room. She is now a converted fan of simple draperies 🙂 As a bonus, they make the tall ceilings and those beams stand out. We still need pillows and accessories and such, but the room is a major improvement from where it started.  

The family just just had another baby, and it has made me so happy to see them loving the progress. When I first came on the scene, they had held on to some well-worn furniture and rugs waiting until they could knock the whole room out at once. They had a bad experience with a previous designer, so I was extra happy that they trusted me to give them the family room they wanted. 

I also got the chance to work on a sweet little girl’s nursery for another client of mine. She wanted it to be girly in a modern way, so I had the ceiling painted a blush pink to go with the accent wall that the crib is on: 

The watercolor polka dots are actually removable “coral” vinyl stickers I found here for $50. They come in teal as well and were very easy to install; I just spaced out the spots beforehand with a pencil. Originally I saw them and thought they would be fun on the ceiling, but it made more sense to have the crib wall draw your attention when you walk in. 

We are adding this pretty West Elm light and a few other things to finish it up:

Around our house, a few things have switched up. I took down the gallery wall, leaving a MILLION holes which doesn’t bother me because it’s a crazy easy fix. I know it makes some of you cringe! I don’t mind switching things up in my own home frequently, because its a laboratory of sorts for me. I am going to try and find a few larger pieces of art for above the sofa instead of the collection of small ones like before. I moved the smaller pieces to the smaller guest room, and it is totally working for me so far:

I absolutely love the way it looks in there, even though I will keep adding as I collect a few more. The art helps balance the off-center window in the room and give it a cozy, cottage-y feel. To me, the whole room feels interesting but still simple. It’s not “finished”, but it does have another beloved glass lamp so that’s saying something! 

I actually ended up getting the matching nightstand to the one you see above by total chance. The first one was given to me by my mom in college after I saw it and loved it at Target. Well, I was at a client’s home to work on her patio and she had a matching one she was getting rid of! Fate, right?! She was kind enough to force it on me and not let me pay for it, because she’s a rare breed of kindness. 

The reason I loved the nightstand so much sounds bizarre, but one of my favorite books is The Secret Life of Bees. I read it each summer growing up, and I always wanted to live in an old home like the book. It takes place in South Carolina, so I wasn’t too far off 🙂 When I saw this nightstand it reminded me of the setting I had imagined when reading that book. It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture because of that, and now I have both! Yay!

As for the kitchen floors, we still haven’t gotten around to laying the black and white vinyl tile. I think the prospect of having to move our fridge out is more annoying than anything. It wouldn’t take long to do the project at all.  

But I look around and there is always a project, a touch-up, a way to improve. I’ll keep rolling with them one by one, trying my best to remember that it is a gift to be alive with potential before my eyes.

 It is fun sharing this all with you. Until next time!


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  1. Keah Bateman

    September 29th, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    Love the drapes! Would you mind sharing where they and the hardware came from? The polka dots are so sweet and totally grow-able for a little girl 🙂 Looking forward to the kitchen update!

  2. Briana Strickland

    September 29th, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    Keah – thanks so much! I can’t wait to fix up our kitchen too 🙂 The drapes are Ikea RITVA in the 118" length and the hardware is inexpensive from Amazon:

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