Enjoying Details (When You Can’t Yet Renovate)

Lately I have been focusing much more on the mood and interest of our home than the technical design aspects. I’m finding that breaking the rules creates the relaxed atmosphere I crave. Everything isn’t “just so”. Granted, rules are best broken when you first know what they are. You can tell if a small-scale piece of art is hung with thought and intention, or if somebody just hung up a tiny print because it was laying around (don’t worry, I’ve participated in both). 

I’m also finding that how sunlight falls on certain objects during the day makes a big difference in how I decorate. I tried rearranging some art in our living room the other night, and soon realized I couldn’t evaluate anything well without sunlight. 

I’ve just been inspired lately to create beauty in my home how I see it, not how others see it. Inevitably it will strike a chord with my kind of people, and I needn’t worry that it’s not mainstream.

In the years to come, we will be remodeling as we get the funds, but for now I’m finding a great deal of enjoyment in these small details. They don’t require much money…

…but they do require a confidence to go for what you love. Old brass candlesticks have had my eye lately. Too bad I am in love with beeswax tapers which cost a pretty penny. 

I normally don’t enjoy taking photographs so much, but my best friend Sarah dropped off her dog Sammy for a bit (who is deaf and terrified of our cats because he can’t hear them sneaking up on him HA!)  He followed me around and is currently snuggling me as I write this post from our sofa:

Wishing you all the best in finding whatever makes your heart tick today.

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