Pondering the “Feel” I Want Our Home to Have

If you’ve followed along for any length of time, you know that I have an affinity for simplicity. My husband Madison and I are in the slow process of renovating our first 1940’s small brick home, and keeping things simple has been a way to bring cohesiveness throughout. It felt like a mish-mash of additions and wall surfaces and popcorn ceilings, and I just wanted it to feel clean. 

So far I still love our choices, like painting all of downstairs one color, painting the dark panelling upstairs white, and replacing the kitchen floor. But I am ready to have some fun now that everything isn’t either brown or yellow-tan and doesn’t feel like such a hot mess. We have neutral rugs, a white sofa, and now it looks a little…boring. I knew it would head that direction before it got better, strictly because it takes time and money to go from a clean slate to a collected, personal home. Even eventually getting our popcorn ceilings taken care of is a much bigger expense because of asbestos testing and such. 

Because it’s not our forever home, I am also often thinking of resale value in the back of my mind. That mindset is perfect for our permanent changes (tile, flooring, etc.) but not so good for furnishings. I don’t want or need to live in a staged home, but for some reason I keep thinking that. *sigh* 

So I am thinking now, what do I really want my home to feel like? A manifesto, per se. There are the obvious desires; I want it to be lived-in and relaxed feeling. I already can’t wait to get a darker slipcover for our white sofa because EVERYONE comes over and says “Oh, I am scared to eat on this!” *insert my sad face here* 

But I also want it to have a touch of mystery, of timelessness. Where you always have something to discover, something to wonder about. 



A sense of romance and nostalgia…



Mixed with doses of modern interest…



Ahh. I get so giddy and impatient at times! But as always, the best things are worth waiting and working for.

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