Inspiration for Funky Sofas

I remember picking out furniture for this house when Madison moved in nearly a year before we were married. It all needed to be cheap and able to withstand the Dorito crumbs and beer spills associated with three single guys living together. Without giving any thought to, “Oh, I might have to live with this stuff when we get married,” I picked out the most oversized, stain-resistant stuff I could find. 

Fast forward to today, seated and staring at our faithful $60 craigslist sofa left behind from the Dorito Days. Without creeping into ungrateful territory, I am ready for this sucker to be gone. Trying to get up from it is akin to being folded in a beach chair. I honestly can’t remember the last time I sat in it. 

Not that replacing this sofa is priority, but I couldn’t help perusing the internet for some classic-with-a-twist alternatives…

There is actually a store in Augusta, Georgia called Final Cut that sells clearance/slightly damaged items from Anthropologie + Urban Outfitters and they usually have a whole load of sofas. It’s a guess as to what they have, but you can get incredible deals if you’re willing to make a few day trips to hit the jackpot. 

If that doesn’t work out, I could put my impatience on a shelf and recover a vintage sofa in a modern way.

But of course in a neutral or green, the only two options I know I wouldn’t tire of. 

Anybody have a vintage recover project they are particularly proud of?

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