My best friend Sarah is pregnant! She’s due to give birth to a baby boy in May, and of course Madison and I are over the moon excited to have them just a block away. I cannot wait to pinch baby cheeks and buy tiny baby shoes. On a side note, if you’d like to have half the world ask you if you want to have children soon, get yourself a pregnant best friend. 

Hello half of the world, we are not looking to birth a child anytime soon! This leaves me with extra nursery-design-creativity, which I have been using to plan out Sarah’s boy’s room 🙂

Sorry for the blown-out before picture but their current guest room will become the nursery. Everything in here will be gone except for the drapes (need to be hemmed, yes) and vintage landscapes.

The baby is to be named George Carter (going by Carter) in keeping with both Evan’s father and grandfather’s first name. The name George means “farmer”, which is fitting, as both Sarah and Evan’s grandparents owned farms. We wanted to pay homage to them and incorporate the rural feel without being too literal (no paintings of cows in here). Sarah and I both felt like a collected, slightly manly vibe was just right. Almost like a lodge with a modern touch. Here’s where we are at now on the mood board: 

Sarah picked out that PRECIOUS handmade felt/wool mobile of a sheepdog herding sheep. It is one-of-a-kind, but the seller is on Etsy and has several others. 

The chair is a reclining glider from AllModern which means middle-of-the-night feedings will be as comfortable as possible. It’s tucked in the corner, which you can see in the floor plan below, but will be pulled out a tad to allow it to recline fully. There is room for crawling and playing in the middle, and plenty of storage for toys and clothes. 

That rug is from RugsUSA and was SO inexpensive (on sale for $168 for an 8×10!) Because it’s synthetic it’s soft and easy to clean, which is perfect for baby knees and baby messes. We are unable to move the guest room furniture out until another room has carpet replaced, but patience isn’t a virtue we possess so here’s the rug rolled out:

For the money, you can’t beat it. Buying real vintage is an investment that’s worth it – but there’s no shame in getting a replica if you can’t afford it! I love that this rug could be used in the room as Carter grows since it doesn’t scream “baby” or “nursery”. 

We are still choosing colors, but bead board will be installed halfway up the walls and painted a dark green:

I’ve got to go cook dinner now, but I had to share our progress! This nursery is going to be unique and memorable and I CANNOT WAIT!

ALSO – Progress posts are my favorite to read from other designers because they give me ideas, so let me know if you enjoy seeing all the work that goes into the final product! Love y’all!

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