The ONE Major Way Pinterest Deceives You

I know some of you read this blog or follow me on Instagram and want to know how much it would really cost to get one of your rooms done by a designer. Let me go ahead and break the news to you – it is not cheap! As much as I love Pinterest, it has given many people the impression that if you bargain hunt enough, you can completely furnish an empty room for the price of a Chipotle dinner. It’s not happening, y’all! 

More than anything, if you are reading this, I want you to know that your home can be meaningful and happy without piles of money. But I have worked with clients who point to an image from Studio McGee and say “I want that!” and don’t understand that their budget won’t allow it. Can I work with your budget? Yes. But you have to be realistic about what you will get. 

 Nothing in this room may be glitzy and shiny, but that doesn't mean it's cheap!  via Coco Kelley

Nothing in this room may be glitzy and shiny, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap! via Coco Kelley

I can do a room that looks great with inexpensive items. However, there is no getting around that it limits where I can source furnishings from. I love getting items from Target, World Market, etc. but you do get less quality and customization options when you go that route. You can find some cute stuff at HomeGoods and thrift stores, but you can’t pay a designer to visit there 10 times until they find the right thing. It negates the purpose of finding a deal there. 

Let’s talk realistic cost.

We’ll use one specific piece as an example. How much do you think this seriously awesome coco bead chandelier costs retail?

$400? $1,500? No sister! It costs $2,286.00. Now when you order through a designer like me, you get a discount on goods that are to-the-trade only (meaning they are only available from someone in the design industry). But there are so many reasons why clients are willing to pay for quality items – they last longer, they aren’t seen everywhere, and they have greater detail that adds noticeable beauty to a room. 

Now if you’re reading and you think, “BRIANA. I wanted to hire you… but a chandelier that costs thousands of dollars? Bye!” Hold your horses. I’m not suggesting that you spend that much! But you do have to be realistic that when you show me a picture of something that costs that much, I can’t deliver it to you for $300 or even $1,000. 

So what helps both you and your designer get on the same page about getting your dream home? …

 Those built-ins are BEAUTIFUL. But remember, quality has a price. If you know the designer, tell me! via  Fine Interiors

Those built-ins are BEAUTIFUL. But remember, quality has a price. If you know the designer, tell me! via Fine Interiors

A budget.

It is essential that you have a dollar number you would like to stick to, and that you communicate it with your designer. If a client shows me pictures of what they like, wonderful! If they have a few pieces they already own and they want to work with, great! But – asking a designer to complete a remodel or decorating project with no budget is asking them to shoot in the dark. 

If you do not communicate a budget to your designer, he or she will not know where to look when shopping. And worse, your they may assume your financial status and present a plan that is either astronomically to high for you, or falls short because it doesn’t utilize all the funds available. Then you have paid your designers’ hourly fee for a plan that you won’t even use.

Beautiful comes at all price points.

The room above is a great example of how you can get a beautiful room within a budget. This client’s living room I completed using a mix of items from all different price points. The custom deep-seat linen sofas were a splurge, but the rug is from Home Depot y’all! And those gorgeous window treatments that make it look so dreamy in there? They’re just inexpensive Ikea drapes. 

As a designer, I am NOT here to judge! I am here to help and encourage! But I can’t help if you aren’t honest or you are embarrassed. Listen, if you come to me and say you want a master bathroom remodel including labor for $3,000, I will love you enough to tell you that you should be patient and save up some more. I want you to have a killer house that stands the test of time! I’m not going to laugh you out of the room. Instead I will high five you for getting a professional opinion and talking it through! 

Overall it is my job (and joy!) to help you understand the reality of how to get your dream home. 

If you personally have been thinking about getting the ball rolling or even a little bit of guidance in your home, check out my “services” tab in the menu to read more about how I work. Then fill out the quick form on the contact page and we can chat! 


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