Natural, Classic, and Warm Kitchen Inspiration

Okay. I know in this post I said I was happy with the vinyl tiles in our kitchen, but I preemptively spoke. I would never in a million years use them ever again. People have luck using them, but not me! Since we installed them, they have shifted around a TON leaving noticeable gaps everywhere. I think people who grout them have better luck, but I also hate that they are white. What was I thinking?! I would never have told a client to have white kitchen floors, but for some reason I thought it would work for us. I can’t tell you how many times a tiny piece of ice cube has gone astray and melted, making for shoe/foot/paw prints as soon as you accidentally walk through it. 

We used them because they were easy and cheap, and our budget was gone after we had to rip out joists/subfloor and replace them. But thankfully we are on our way to saving up for renovation, meaning tile floor! 

To get an idea of the vibe I’m going for, here are a few things I’ve loved and pulled together so far:

Natural, classic, and warm. Ah, my three favorite adjectives in a home. Since we are trying our best to keep the original stick-built cabinetry in place, everything we add needs to fit in with the slightly worn look of it. I’m not trying to fight the fact that this is an older home! 

We will paint the cabinets and walls a warm white, making them blend together and keeping the interesting angles of the kitchen out of focus. My hope is to do monotone dark slate floors with a lighter grout. The flow from the exterior to interior of our house is important to me, and we have slate floors on both our back and front patio. 

I’m still wishy washy on whether or not to do bead board/wood plank or tile backsplash. Some variation of a wood treatment is less expensive, still fits the vibe I’m going for, and would work great with butcher block countertops….







  The source to this photo is some weird broken link so I'll save you the trouble. Let me know if you know whose this is!

The source to this photo is some weird broken link so I’ll save you the trouble. Let me know if you know whose this is!

Buuuut I love me some handmade-looking white subway tile with light grout! It just gives the perfect amount of polish and shine:



  Yet another broken link. Ugh. Lemme know if you know whose this is!

Yet another broken link. Ugh. Lemme know if you know whose this is!

So I’m not settled on either option yet. Thankfully our backsplash area isn’t large, so it wouldn’t be painfully costly. 

I am however pretty set on using those antiqued brass knobs + pulls! They are from the Martha Stewart line at Home Depot and are a great price.

That’s about it for the kitchen so far, but don’t forget to check out my posts over at Erin & Ben Napier’s blog! It’s on the Laurel Mercantile site

I’ll go ahead and link the two I’ve written so far, but I will be posting every month so keep your eye out!

Love y’all! I know there are quite a few new readers here, so PLEASE let me know what you guys want to hear about! And I actually mean that when I say it. Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail 🙂



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  1. Cari Skuse

    May 15th, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    I just used those same pulls and knobs in my kitchen and I love them. I also used subway tile with a white grout and it looks great. Check out my blog to see my kitchen in progress!

    I never had luck with those tiles either. Mine have moved and have to be replaced in my laundry room before we sell our home.

  2. Briana Strickland

    May 16th, 2018 at 5:19 pm

    I’m glad to hear the hardware holds up well – seeing them in your kitchen confirms they are going to look awesome! Thank you for sharing!

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