Before & After – My Best Friend’s Green Nursery

*Sources + paint colors are listed at the end of the post, but read to get the story on this vintage-inspired nursery. 

My best friend’s baby boy, George Carter Chastain, has officially arrived! As soon as Sarah found out she was pregnant we began dreaming up his nursery, and it is one of the warmest feeling spaces I’ve been in. If you haven’t check out the post where we discussed plans for it, pause and go read here.

Initially the room was a guest room, and started out like this:

The guest room set up has now moved to another room, and has obviously now become the nursery.

When Sarah and I first talked over the feel we wanted the nursery to have, words like masculine and rustic kept coming up. I knew it was going to be a unique look when I asked, “Sort of like a lodge feel but in a kid-appropriate modern way?” and she said yes. George is a family name and means “farmer”, and it was only fitting that the design reflect that. The light and bright pastel-filled nursery was not going to cut it here, and vintage items were a must. 

The nursery was finished before Carter was born, but we kept hanging out in here because of how cozy it feels. You can see from the hallway how it draws you in:

Besides painting the walls a warmer white, green trim and woodwork immediately came to my mind when we discussed the feel she wanted the room to have. Sarah’s father-in-law is handy, incredibly generous, and agreed to hang bead board around the room which completely changed the look. He may have made a few jokes about how I make his life harder (sorry Terrell!) but he genuinely agrees it was well worth it now!

See what I mean?

*Sigh*. The old trees outside the windows let light filter in so beautifully, and I don’t know that the design would have been as magical without them. Everything that went in the room had to point to an indoor-outdoor connection. 

The vintage/natural looking rug was the first thing we bought and is actually brand new. If you love the look of vintage rugs but not the price, you can find new ones that resemble worn vintage ones for quite inexpensive (sources linked at end of page). Because it’s a synthetic, it’s soft and easy to clean which works well with both baby knees and baby spills. 

We switched out the ceiling fan for a darker one that fit the room better, but it also no longer has a bunch of exposed lightbulbs shining in baby’s eyes. 

The spool crib is from Wayfair, and the stool is vintage.

Funny story about that little stool – it’s been hanging around my house for years, and I grabbed it just as a styling prop for the room. But after I was done shooting, I realized it was super functional and belonged there! Anytime someone is holding Carter in the recliner, there’s nowhere else to sit and chat. We use that sturdy little stool more than I thought, and it looks so cute!

The tree is a “Money Tree” we picked up at Lowe’s. It’s quirky and fun, but also disguises the electrical panel behind it (look close!) Old houses are the best, aren’t they 😉

By far, the cutest thing in the room is the mobile. It’s a handmade wool scene of a sheepdog chasing sheep! It’s off Etsy, but she makes other mobiles so I will link her shop at the end of this post.

To break up the green bead board, we used the same simple drapes from Ikea that were there, but paired them with woven bamboo roman shades. The added layer brings coziness as well as privacy during the day. She already had quality curtain rods (you can see them in the “before” photo), but we spray painted them matte black since they were a cream color. Now they provide a little contrast and speak to the crib and toy basket.

On the other side of the room is the closet and dresser. The dresser was Evan’s grandmothers, and it doubles as Carter’s changing table.

I do have to mention that this photo makes it look like there is no room to open the dresser drawers, but there is plenty! You can tell there’s room in the other photos. 

The mounted horns were her grandfather’s, shipped to her by her aunt, which I love. Personal touches with a story are what makes a room have soul. But of course there’s no harm in throwing in a trend, like the letter board for his birth announcement. 

All of those personal touches have given his nursery a magical depth to it. Sarah has told me that everyone who walks in comments on how the room feels before commenting on how it looks, which is an absolute dream for me creatively. I can make a room with excellent color coordination and scale, but it doesn’t matter if it feels cold or uninviting. Inserting warmth and beauty into homes is why I started Cultivate Interiors, and this hits the mark. Carter and his parents are happy; I’m happy!

Just to show off a few more details – the vintage rural painting came from a thrift store, and the vintage lamp was her grandmother’s. 

But perhaps the most memorable touch of all is the original black and white photos of her family’s farm and grandfather. The frames are stock, but the off-white matting was custom cut to each photograph since they were all different sizes.


Ahh. How I love this cozy little room! Below are the budget-friendly sources we used:

Black Basket – Target // Glider Chair – Weirdly, she found it at Costco, but here’s a similar one // Throw Pillow – HomeGoods // Floor lamp – Vintage // End Table – Vintage // Money TreeLowe’s (this one isn’t as tall so check your store) // CribWayfair // Mobile – The Wool Trunk on Etsy // Drapes – Ikea // Roman Shades – Overstock // Rug RugsUSA // Frames – Hobby Lobby // Ceiling Fan – Home Depot

Paint Colors

*DISCLAIMER: Paint colors can look wildly different in each room, especially on your computer screen! Use these paint colors as a starting block to look through a paint deck, then test several samples first. I will shake my finger at you if you go to the store and buy gallons worth of paint without those steps!

Trim + Beadboard – Lemon Verbena by Sherwin Williams // Walls – White Dove by Benjamin Moore


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  1. Caroline McKell

    August 2nd, 2018 at 5:33 am

    I’m in love with this nursery and so amazed at how you incorporated so many special family touches while making it all so cohesive and beautiful. It’s full of charm and soul and now I want more green in my life! Good job!

  2. Briana Strickland

    August 2nd, 2018 at 3:02 pm

    You are so kind I love you!! That bead board is so beautiful – I will definitely be using it more!

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