Choosing Our Kitchen Lighting

I don’t have any finished pictures to post, but I do have a few photos to let you know what’s going on around our house right now! I’m going to fill you in on what’s happening as I cook and eat a pack of Top Ramen on my new cooktop (lol).


I’m waiting to show you photos of the kitchen until it’s 100% finished. But that doesn’t mean I can’t share a little progress in writing! The butcher block countertops are installed, stained, and making my dreams come true. My main inspiration photo was from Gil Schafer’s beautiful kitchen, though I crave a little less less traditional art/accessories. Still, it included the textures, bead board, hardware, and overall feel that I wanted to achieve on a much smaller scale:

If you want to tour the kitchen, I actually found a video tour on the Quintessence Blog!

Last time I filled you in, I said we were going with subway tile as the backsplash, but I changed my mind and decided to go with bead board. Our kitchen was an add-on that is part original kitchen, part old porch. (Side note: We discovered that when we ripped part of the ceiling down and found the old tongue-and-groove ceiling! It’s only in half, so unfortunately we can’t save it. It will be covered up with sheetrock.) It has a tendency to feel a little disjointed, and it’s my goal to make it feel like one larger, cohesive space without actually moving any walls.

Half of the walls already have vertical knotty pine that has been painted, and the other half will have bead board.

By using bead board as the backsplash, we will tie in the other sections of the kitchen, making it look larger and less separate. This is especially helpful since I am wanting the section with the kitchen cart to actually be seen and used as additional counter space. The cart is now free of a microwave and Madison’s coffee tools because of….

…this awesome cabinet! I had our cabinetmaker create this and bring it in when he installed our cabinet fronts. It has a pull out trashcan, a sliding drawer for coffee stuff, a section for the microwave, and extra storage above. This will leave the kitchen cart free of clutter and able to be used. The tape shows where the tower goes:

You can also see the weird piece of a non-structural wall they left on the ceiling when they joined the two spaces. We ordered the cabinet doors for this tower later, so they haven’t come in yet. Madison installed the outlet a few days ago, and it has been incredibly functional. It is the BEST addition, and it was last minute! My blogger (bust mostly real-life) friend Eileen from Eileen and Co. gave me the idea and helped me tweak it. Of course, I can’t show it to you installed yet because I’m being secretive!

Now here is the other change: we are going with a white dishwasher and wall oven! Yes, even though we already installed a stainless dishwasher. I told you guys I felt torn about whether or not to switch them out. Our current oven is great, but the white dishwasher was ridiculously loud and I hated it. I wanted to keep them white, but felt like I needed to have matching appliances. So, I purchased a stainless dishwasher, but a 27” stainless wall oven was backordered and the delivery date kept getting pushed out. I finally had enough and thought, this is so stupid! I was happy with white in the first place!

So, we will be selling & replacing the stainless dishwasher (let me know if you are in the market for one!) with a white one. It will match the current oven and saves us from having to spend $1,000 on a new oven that may or may not come before Thanksgiving. Plus, it wasn’t until after I initially made the decision that I realized my inspiration photo had a mix of stainless & white appliances as well! Truly I think when it’s done right it is practical and charming. It works in our favor since we have a strange oven-on-dishwasher combo.

Madison and I have eaten out SO MUCH since starting this project, and I cannot wait until the smell of a big pot of soup fills the house. Even after installing the cooktop, our dishes are scattered all over the house and covered in sawdust.

This week (fingers crossed) the drywall will be installed on the ceiling and I can finally clean everything up! All that’s left is the finishing parts. Trim, painting base cabinets, hanging shelving, and light fixtures.

Well…I guess I can show you what those light fixtures will be since you were so kind to read to the end of this post!

The two main lights will be replaced with these flush mounts:

I stole the idea from Lindsay over at The White Buffalo Styling Co. once I saw them in her hallway on instagram (I love her!) They originally looked like this:

But I did make a couple of alterations to them! I have a vintage brass lamp, and they typically have the white enamel on the inside like this:

I wanted mine to look old since I couldn’t afford 2 matching large vintage fixtures, so I spray painted the insides a gloss white and roughed up the edges. I also left off the cage – it looks too nautical with the paneling in the kitchen.

Now for my absolute favorite part so far! When my dad and I were browsing an antique store in Greenville I came across two matching vintage pendants.

They were already rewired in the green cloth wire and ready to go. I probably won’t use the second one but they were too good of a deal to pass up. Shoot me an email if you would like to buy the other one! It looks exactly the same. I’ve still got to decide what window treatment I’d like to do. We don’t have one now, but it faces the street and I would like privacy.

Besides the kitchen, the purple antique captain’s chairs (currently covered in SO MUCH DUST) are off at the upholsters having off-white linen slipcovers made.

The slipcovers will be short so the pretty wooden legs are still shown. I STILL have not found the perfect dining chairs to replace the ones at the table, but that’s mostly because the ones I love are out of what we are willing to spend.

Alright. I’ve eaten all my ramen and I’ve gotta get back to work. I hope you guys have a great week!

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  1. Jane Porter

    October 31st, 2018 at 11:40 pm

    I LOVE reading your blog posts and I always read to the end! I can’t wait to see what y’all have done! The tower and light fixtures are amazing!

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