How I Decorate for Christmas (and a Kitchen Sneak-Peek!)

It’s been chilly lately, hasn’t it? I’ve been hunkering down inside, finally able to cook in our kitchen though it isn’t 100% finished. We hosted Thanksgiving at our home again this year; but why just have one Thanksgiving in the middle of kitchen renovations when you can have two?! Because we are crazy. We also hosted a potluck “Bandsgiving” for our fellow church bandmates the following Monday. Just another example of opening your home when it’s not finished or “perfect”. Nobody cares! Just have fun. Oh! And a tip – don’t mop your floors before having tons of people over. It’s pointless. Mac and cheese will end up on the floor anyhow.

But Thanksgiving has passed, and Christmas season is here.

My desire is to protect December and cultivate a Christmas closer to the heart of Jesus this year. I’ll dive into that in a later post, but suffice it to say for now that we are taking it easy. Christmas decor has consisted of Costco garland around the doors, a couple of wreaths, and stockings.

We’ve had the time to drag the tree down from the attic, but I’ve much preferred the evenings spent snuggled next to the fire or enjoying soup with our friends. Sarah, my best friend whose nursery I decorated, and her husband Evan live down the street and bring their baby over and it’s so much fun. To be honest, I’ve never been much of a baby person. Seeing a baby drool while I was eating was enough to make me gag. I never offered to hold somebody’s baby. In fact, I always refused when offered the chance. What if it – choking noise – spits up milk on my shoulder? Isn’t a baby’s head basically a giant bowl of brain jelly balancing on a Twizzler? And you’re asking me to keep it alive for 3 minutes?! No thank you. But somehow Carter has failed to scare me or gross me out, and watching him learn new things and smile all the time has been such a surprising source of joy for me this year. I love this little guy more than I knew possible. And I have actually offered to hold other people’s babies since he came into the world.

But back to the decor. I purchased the iron holders and the stockings off Amazon a few years back, then added a simple silky ribbon and name tag to each. Yes, those are two extra stockings just for our spoiled cats. Give us a break. We don’t have brain-jelly kids of our own yet.

Now, here’s a peek of what you really came here for. The almost-finished kitchen! I said I wouldn’t show you until it was 100% done, but I’m weak. I love you too much.

You can see the under-cabinet hood and floor transitions still need to be installed, but I’m already smitten. The room glows. Nothing is perfect, yet everything is just right. I look around and think of how I’ll always remember this was the kitchen in our very first home. Madison probably lost years of his life wrestling this crooked, funky space into what you see now, but I’m filled with gratitude for him and the friends that helped us.

Ok, no more! I can’t show you any further, even though I want to. I have a photo sitting on my computer right now of the open shelving and new cabinet tower all finished, but I must refrain. It will be a practice in delayed gratification for all of us. But it’s gorgeous. And you will love it.

One thing I can show you is the finished slipcovered chairs in the dining room. I specifically asked that they make them loose and sort of home-made looking for a casual feel. We used a local couple, Rick and Cathy from All Trades Upholstery if you are looking for somebody.

The slipcover is short to show off the antique legs, which would be a shame to cover. Finally, no more dirty purple chairs!

I’m off! Thank you for following along, and if you or a friend are interested in hiring me for design work, please check out the services page. Word of mouth is our best marketing tool, and we need you!

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