For you color-lovers out there, you are probably laughing reading this post title. Mixing off-white and white seems about as dull as can be, but those details matter! The first time I mixed white and cream was in our guest room. The headboard and end-of-the-bed quilt are creamier, while the coverlet and sheets are stark […]

November 10, 2017

Proof You CAN Mix White and Off-White


The first time you light the fireplace for the season- pure magic. It would be more romantic by match, I’m sure, but this house came with a gas fireplace so the push of a button it is. Our cats can’t get enough of the warmth – But I’m mostly enjoying it because our heating system […]

Painted Plywood Kitchen Floors – Should I Do It?


October 30, 2017

Lately I have been focusing much more on the mood and interest of our home than the technical design aspects. I’m finding that breaking the rules creates the relaxed atmosphere I crave. Everything isn’t “just so”. Granted, rules are best broken when you first know what they are. You can tell if a small-scale piece […]

October 26, 2017

Enjoying Details (When You Can’t Yet Renovate)


I’ve posted about kitchen inspiration before, but it feels so much closer now that we are replacing the floors in a couple of weeks! From the beginning I envisioned a gray green color for the cabinets, mostly because it was neutral enough to make our small kitchen cozy but not busy. An all-white kitchen would […]

5 Muted Green Kitchens I Love


October 5, 2017

Fall is officially here! We had a week or two of a special kind of cool weather, but it’s gone and I’m back to wilting by 2:00 p.m. My consolation is that it will have to get cooler soon enough, so I can experience magic weather once again.  I had the chance to install drapes […]

September 29, 2017

Before & Progress – Lake House Client


If you’re anything like me, HGTV is about the only channel you watch on television. So you’ve probably seen Ben & Erin Napier on their show, “HomeTown”, all about renovating old homes in their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi.  I mean, just look at them. They are the cutest. Why is Ben not smoking a pipe? […]

Collected Inspiration from HGTV Hometown’s Erin & Ben Napier


September 14, 2017

You know who rules the world in unique retail ambience? ANTHROPOLOGIE. That’s who. That’s why you go there and pay $480 for woolen finger puppets. But you’re with me right? You walk in, say something basic like “ugh it smells sooo good in here” and then head straight to the clearance aisle? [Fun fact one […]

August 24, 2017

Use This ONE Pantry Item to Fill Candle Holders


The time has come! I am still learning how to use my camera, so it took me a hot minute to take pictures of my best friend’s bedroom. You can read about the inspiration here, but let’s jump in! Before It was dark, a little too masculine, and had a door that went to pretty […]

Before & After – Eclectic Natural Bedroom


August 21, 2017

I just typed this whole stupid post up and it didn’t save WOWWW THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. Okay but onto brighter things and me typing this for the second time. My best friend Sarah has pretty much let me have free reign decorating her house, and it has been SO FUN. You saw a snippet […]

August 15, 2017

Planning – Eclectic Natural Bedroom


It started with watching Gilmore Girls (again) a few weeks back. Then it turned into Googling “Taylor Swift fall outfits” (You just wait.) Then all fall heaven unleashed on my brain. source Um. Yes. It’s only August, which in South Carolina means you are still baking under the sun’s wrath like a piece of beef jerky. […]

I Can’t Stop Thinking About Fall


August 9, 2017

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