I remember picking out furniture for this house when Madison moved in nearly a year before we were married. It all needed to be cheap and able to withstand the Dorito crumbs and beer spills associated with three single guys living together. Without giving any thought to, “Oh, I might have to live with this […]

December 12, 2017

Inspiration for Funky Sofas


Let me preface the rest of my blogging existence with this: I am not a fan of DIY decor. Now stuff like building a bookshelf, hanging a light, a simple spray paint job on a lamp, that I can get behind. Not so much little trinkets and crafts. But you know what made me want […]

EASY DIY – Terra Cotta Candle Holder


August 3, 2017

Hey everyone! I made a few small updates to our front living room that I’ve shared on Instagram, but I thought I would give you an overall peek at how far it’s come! Just to recap, our old home has two living rooms: one in the front right by the entry, and one in the […]

December 11, 2016

New Living Room Chairs


Halfway through November and it is FINALLY feeling like fall here in Columbia, SC. Our yard is blanketed in pretty red leaves, and we finally had to turn the heater on! My husband Madison is just happy that he doesn’t sweat every time I ask him to help me do a project 🙂 We finished […]

Earthy Living Room Updates


November 12, 2016

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